Virtual reality


Virtual Reality For Education Purpose:

The concept of Virtual Reality is combined with creativity in order to create a learning environment that would be beneficial to the user. Rather than making negative use of technology, it is deployed in order to enlighten people. It is very important that such technologies be implemented for the betterment of humans rather than, for any other catastrophe.

The main emphasis was to promote the virtual environment in such a creative way that it will prove to be an element of educating others. There are still many constraints relating to Virtual Reality technology, as the inexpensive and easily available products are not built on a scale that it could be used as a general application. Cost is reduced but at the expense of quality. Similarly, we found many drawbacks in already developed systems for fear of flying as they don’t expose the user in a real situation. Protocols and standards are such that it is hardly possible to develop a system that would be very efficient as well as cost a significantly low amount of money.

Virtual Reality Technology:

Vr tech

The immersive VR technology could be the modern style of learning, as it enhances the ability of users to experience and learn about things which are not physically present. But, the learning perspective is very limited in contrary to the entertainment industry, as industries are usually targeting the gaming audience. VR has the capability to revolutionize the learning methods by making unreachable environments available.

Since the introduction of VR Technology, now we have so many entertainment applications of it; unfortunately the ratio of number contrary to those of learning applications is almost negligible. The motive is to use this sophisticated technology for greater deeds and learning purposes, to make the learning of complex tasks easier and cheaper. Future enhancements could be done, where physical hardware would get replaced by a virtual environment and that could increase the mobility of the product, making it less on the budget as well.